Brand Guideline Checklist

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Brand Guideline Checklist

A Brand Guideline Checklist: How to select the right brand management tool.

What does your organization need to expect from their brand management solution? A good brand management tool needs to offer a smooth user experience with all the required features. But what precisely are the features you need?

You can use a checklist to determine which tool is right for your organization; these initial 10 questions should help the decision be made:

1.     Is the solution easy to use? It is important that use of it requires minimal to no training, as time is limited for all of your team members.

2.     How easy can I navigate in the platform? Are things updated quickly? It is important that the tool speeds up the process instead of slowing down the process.

3.     Can I access to the information on my Smartphone and tablet? Mobility is absolutely key as most people travel or check updates from their smart phones, don’t make the mistake of selecting a non-responsive solution.

4.     Does the solution offer an online validation process? Validation needs to be clear and centralized; this is why you should ensure that this functionality is offered on the platform.

5.     Can I collaborate and share the information with partners?  You need to have an ease of sharing, as it is key that the correct information reaches your partners and colleagues in a secure and efficient way.

6.     Can I manage the users community rights? You need to be able to distinguish user roles, as different people will hold different roles in or around the company.

7.     Does the solution offer a dedicated Guideline section? You need to be able to share a detailed brand guideline with anyone that may work with your logo; it needs to be crystal clear what the regulations around your brand are.

8.     Does the product have a modern and fresh look and feel? You will be working with this tool frequently, and possibility looking at it on a daily basis. A friendly and attractive look and feel will help adaption rate of the tool. People should enjoy working with it!

9.     Is the solution not too specific or too complex? You should still be able to customize the tool relatively easily to your organizations needs.

10.   How does it compare to the other solutions on the market? There are different tools out there, so what is best is to create a comparison of price vs. quality amongst the top solutions. What are the differences and which ones matter to you?


The solution your will select must most of all stay simple and straightforward. A lot of solutions in the market have unfortunately becoming monstrously complex platform sometimes lacking adapted features. The Brand tool must keep it simple for your community!


Brandee was developed as a response to the need of sport organizations that shared the trouble they were having with their branding information. For this reason, the companies of all sizes and structures can benefit from the advantages which Brandee can offer. In order to keep the solution in constant evolution, the development team is in constant contact with its community of users. They analyze the feedback and requests to integrate this data en their new feature route-map. The team is easy to contact and most importantly friendly!


Brandee’s main goal is to help your marketing department become more efficient and speed up any branding process with great security. 


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