The Importance of Coherency in Branding

The Importance of Coherency in Branding

Branding needs to be coherent for your clients, fans or members to recognise you.

More Importantly it allows your followers to identify with your visual language.

Small ‘mistakes’ or misrepresentations in how your brand is displayed can cause long-term damage to the recognisability of your brand identity. Due to lengthy administrative processes in place, branding around events is sometimes left out or forgotten because there is simply no time. Again this is damaging in another way, as a lack of presence can mean that in the eye of your consumer or audience, you technically don’t ‘exist’.

It is for this reason that every organisation today should think about the manner in which their branding comes across. This is especially significant in situations that are out of the ordinary in terms of day-to-day exposure, such as special events for example. The good news is that organisations don’t stand alone, as they can call on many types of Brand Management Tools. One that has been customized to sporting organisations is Brandee; it is used widely amongst sport federations and really focuses on issues that arise around sporting events & branding, as well as other challenges the sporting industry faces when it comes to brand management.

A brand management tool should help an organisation communicate clear guidelines around the use of their logo and the brand colours. It should have a validation module, a communication platform and a place where all the general guidelines are clearly described. Brandee helps you manage the Branding process smoothly and simply, we understand there may be many people involved in the process, which is why simplicity is key.

How Brandee can be key in coherency

Brandee helps you maintain an easy to use platform where your colleagues and partners can easily find the information they need. Communication through emails can get confusion, especially if many different people are involved. Our tracking tool allows you to verify the status of a Branded element, it also allows you to comment, approve or disapprove a given element. This sends a crystal clear message to the teams you are collaborating with.

"We saw this was something that many organisations are struggling with, often their brand message is not sent out correctly and this can be damaging. Often the root of the issue lies at the communication of information around the use of the branding and the logo, we decided that it just had to be made easier."- Pascal, founder of Brandee

A General Guideline

Brandee offers more than a communication platform, you can also use it to display a general guideline around your brand. It does not need to be complicated, you can simply email your partners a link to your website that contains all the information and elements they may need!